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Today’s Happenings

Today’s Happenings

Occasionally, maybe once a week, we’re going to update the blog with what’s happening behind the scenes. Right now, all of us are working on several different projects – each of varying importance. All of them are things we want to accomplish before we open in Alpha for testing. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!


Today’s Stuff:


  • Main roads named:
    • The Gods’ Walk – from the gate to the town
    • Zuriel’s Way – from the town to east fields
    • Moonshadow Lane – from the town to the Estate
  • Estate/Monarch Quarters Setup
  • Help Files started
  • Craft Testing


  • Craft code finalized
  • Help Editor
  • Inns
  • Idling & Whatnot and if he doesn’t extend the timer I’m going to fire him
  • Other stuff Naavah whined about needing/wanting



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