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Building, Building… save meeeeee

Building, Building… save meeeeee

Y’all.  I’ve built until my eyeballs are going to fall out and my fingers are numb. It’s not nearly fast enough to meet my impossibly high expectations, but hey it’s a start.

The majority of the room descriptions are in.  I’m going to finish up my portion of those this week and weekend and then move on to being design and object creation.

Keep in mind that for Alpha opening the storyline is at a place where resources are extremely limited and the conditions are harsh. This means that availability of certain items is low and the population has decreased drastically.  It happens to work out that this takes a substantial load off our building requirements, but we do still have quite a lot to finish. We’re also still working on the foundation of what will be there after Alpha, because we’d rather not have to go back and have do-overs other than what you all help us figure out needs fixing or improving.

As far as code, our lovely Gharilaon has added some new features.  Foraging is nearly done in the version we’ll have for Alpha open, and farming and crafting have been done for a while. Shops work. Scripts need testing but they’re in. Character creation is being fleshed out, but is mostly in.

It’s going to be an account system using email addresses, and you can have more than one PC at a time, though only one on grid/active.

We’re still looking for builders, so if you’re interested, comment here, email us through the contact form on the site, or pop into the discord chat and give Naavah a poke.

See ya later.



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