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Three steps forward…

Three steps forward…

I’m probably supposed to now say we’ve taken steps back, but we haven’t. We have, however, added quite a few things to our “Must Have” list for Alpha Opening.  The bad news is that more on the list adds to our workload.  The good news is that we’re all really motivated and working at a good, steady pace.  Let’s look at what’s happened and what’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks!

New Builders

  • We’ve hired two new builders: Boris & Scrimshaw.  They’re already taking some of the load off of us and their presence on the team has given us a pep to our step. Thanks for joining us, guys!


  • As far as rooms go, we’re over 75% done, maybe closer to 85%. Right now, we’re working on filling in the edges of everything, some newbie rooms, and giving some personality to farms and manors,
  • We’re focusing some on creating NPC backstories and the adding the NPCs/beings to liven up the place. This includes shopkeepers and their shops.
  • Kyros is working on the foundation crafting trees now that most (if not all) of the major kinks in the crafting system have been worked out. Once that’s set, we’ll start streamlining the craft entries and get those churned out and ready.


  • Gharilaon has done the preliminary work on the foraging code and Naavah has done some very, very limited testing of it. So far, it looks to be working smoothly and the foundation we have appears flexible enough to hold a very powerful system.
  • Some minor (and major) bug fixes have gone in. I’d list them, but Ghar was showing off and fixed or improved so many things I can’t keep up. It was impressive. Don’t tell him I said that.
  • I cannot recall if I mentioned the scripting system yet, but it’s in and we can now make the world do all sorts of fun things on the builder side. You may also know these as triggers or progs.


  • We have made a few tweaks to the main storyline to make sure that everything flows seamlessly. We are also working out which races we’ll be allowing for Alpha opening.
  • NPC backstories are being developed to add some richness to the world.
  • I am adding a list of roles that can be played for Alpha. Players won’t be limited to these roles, they’re simply a pool of ideas.

General Info

  • We’re slowly but surely adding help files.
  • Folks are trickling into the Discord chat.  Bring your friends!
  • If you have story ideas or questions or complaints or anything you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We love talking to new folks!

Keep checking back for announcements!



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