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Just a lil tiny update

Just a lil tiny update

Hey y’all, & Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother of every type out there.

World Building/Builders

Every single one of the main areas in the main playable zone is 90% complete or more. At this point, the builders and I are adding in extra flavor areas within the main zone to make it more lively and interesting.  These additions are a bonus we were not expecting to be able to do, so I’m pretty pleased about it and incredibly grateful to the builders for their help.


Gharilaon has refined the foraging code and tweaked some of the farming stuff for us. We’ve also settled on our (his) to do list for Alpha opening and we are (he is) chipping away at it. He’s currently working on farm babies, which is sounding fun. Yay baby chickens.


I’ve recently brought in a friend to help with lore creation – specifically Moon Lore and Religions, but hopefully more after that’s completed. We’ll see, as time allows, but I think we’re all going to have a ton of fun with it.


Kyros and I are working on developing the basic foundations for the entirety of the crafting system, and also setting up the foundation for farming crafts. Kyros’s focus is things like blacksmithing and all things weapons, while I’m doing cooking and baking and clothes. Since we’re so near the finish of the main building projects, I’m going to be allowing the builders to branch off into personal projects that fit our theme, as well as bringing them into other building tasks like craft creation and story enhancement.

There’s still no hard date on Alpha opening, but I’d say maybe less than 4 months, probably more than 2.

Thanks for sticking with us so far, folks, and I’ll keep you updated here as we go!



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