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The Anders Family

General Overview

The Anders are typically 5’6″ to 6’1″ in height. They have light to medium skin and typically dark hair with eyes that range from dark blues to browns and everything in between.

They own several homes in town as well as multiple farms east of the river, and it’s well known among the valley’s populace that the family maintains and lives in the community bunker just north of the main village.


Family Members

⁂Non Playable     ❒Available for Application     ✔Claimed/In Play

 Head of Household

Lady Eleina Anders, age 22

Family Members

Lord Garrick Anders, age 25, husband, co-owns Eternal Visions Tavern
Charlotte Anders, age 32, half-sister, Council Member
✔Alyndra Lachlan, age 22, twin sister
❒Eloise, age 35, sister-in-law
❒Sofia, age 27, sister-in-law
❒Annabeth, age 23, sister-in-law


❒Levith Melaq, age 27


Duties Within The Valley

The Anders family is known in the Valley for always being willing to help their fellow citizens. They are the caretakers of the housing Bunker and during lean times always find a way to make rations stretch so that as many as possible are fed and kept safe.


The Particulars

Family Sigil:

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Anders family are known to worship Naavah. Some, however, are known to give secondary favor to Gharilaon.