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The Bandele Family

General Overview

The Bandeles are typically 5’3″ to 6′. They have very fair or ruddy skin with light or red hair and green or blue eyes and freckles are very common. The main branch of the family lives in the bright white manor house in the Plains of Asteroth to the south and west of the village of Sorath. It is common for the family to keep a retinue of servants, and it is not uncommon for those servants to live with the family for the entirety of their lives. As with the other Noble families, any servant of the family is treated as a respected and valued member of the household. If asked about the goings-on in the house, all that will be uttered, as if by rote, is that the Bandeles are generous. 

Lady Cossondra is currently the Head of House Bandele and her elder brother Jiro serves on the Sovereign Mother’s Council. Jiro’s children, Clement and Adelaide, own and run the Empty Oyster, a tavern and pub on the southern beaches. The family also owns the blacksmith shop that is located within the village.


Family Members

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 Head of Household

Lady Cossondra Bandele, age 45

Family Members

❒Lord Adair Levson, age 49, husband
Jiro Bandele, age 54, brother, Council Member
✔Daphne Bandele, age 19, daughter
Kasey Bandele, age 16, daughter
Tabitha Bandele, age 14, daughter
Rita Bandele, age 12, daughter
✔Clement Bandele, age 32, nephew
✔Adelaide Bandele, 19, niece


❒Vergil Bellino, age 20
❒Xavian Heplin, age 18
❒Beth Lawson, age 18


Duties Within The Valley

Family Bandele is one of the largest producers of food in the Sorathian Valley. They own and maintain the largest number of farms outside of the direct Monarchy and are responsible for managing the distribution of the stored goods throughout shortages. They also solely maintain the distribution of food to Shanty Town and, when the gates are open, are known to take wagons out to the people who are in need in the Wastes.


The Particulars

Family Motto: “Strength in Unity

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Bandele family are known to worship Kyros. Some, however, are known to give secondary favor to Naavah.


Application for Bandele PC Roles

If you would like to apply to play one of the members of the Bandele family or household, please fill out the form below.