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The Crisliar Family

General Overview

The Crisliars range in heigh from 5’7″ to 6’5″ and have dark brown skin tones. They have dark brown to black hair and dark brown, hazel, or dark grey eyes. Their home is, like the other noble houses, located within the Plains of Asteroth. The earthy brown manor house that the Crisliars reside in is located due west of Sorath Village, just east and south of Kiango Manor. 

The Crisliar brothers are identical twins and most residents of the valley have a nearly impossible time telling them apart. It is common knowledge that Tolthe, Council to the Sovereign Mother, lost his new wife during the Long Sleep. He resides within the Estate and is rarely seen in town, leaving it rather likely that it is in fact Lord Arlando whose presence is most seen in the village.

The family tends to have very few servants, though the ones who do remain within the manor heap glowing praise upon both brothers.


Family Members

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 Head of Household

Lord Arlando Crisliar, age 32

Family Members

Tolthe Crisliar, age 32, brother, Council Member


❒Orna, age 23
Aiden, Orna’s 6 year old son


Duties Within The Valley

The Crisliar family is known in the Valley and beyond for their healing powers. Be they magical or more scientific based means, the family’s tradition is to care for the ailments that befall the citizens of Sorath. From splinting broken bones to calming a child’s cough to midwifery and everything in between, the Crisliars study and train, seeking knowledge to better the health and push standards of care forward for everyone.


The Particulars

Family Motto:Motto Here

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Crisliar family are known to worship Naavah and Gharilaon equally.


Application for Crisliar PC Roles

If you would like to apply to play one of the members of the Crisliar family or household, please fill out the form below.