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The Damali Family

General Overview

The Damalis are typically 5’2″ to 5’9″ in height. Their skin tone ranges from deeper browns to light tan. They have medium to deep tone hair with a wide range of eye colors. Their manor is the robin’s egg blue home located southwest of the village of Sorath, very close to the beach at the south end of the valley. 

They are currently the smallest of the noble families with Lady Atarah serving as both Head of House and Council to the Sovereign Mother. Her parents both died during the Long Sleep and any cousins of the line have been lost to the Wastes outside the Valley. As such, Lady Atarah travels with a retinue of highly trained guards supplied by the Monarchy and the other noble houses. For the most part, she lives within the Estate, although there are time she returns to her family home. 


Family Members

⁂Non Playable     ❒Available for Application     ✔Claimed/In Play

 Head of Household

Lady Atarah Damali, age 16, Council Member

Family Members



Kasyn Tipla, age 47
Callum Edgin, age 32
❒Louis Alanei, age 21


❒Tava Avili, age 28
❒Nihen Iros, age 18


Duties Within The Valley

The Damali family is known for their prowess with manipulating the Veil. Lady Atarah’s mother, especially, was renowned for her magical abilities, most especially her affinity for water and its purification. The Damali family supplies a substantial amount of the potable water to the valley through processes only possible through their particular magics. 


The Particulars

Family Motto: “Motto Here

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Damali family are known to worship X. Some, however, are known to give secondary favor to X.


Application for Damali PC Roles

If you would like to apply to play one of the members of the Damali family or household, please fill out the form below.