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The Kiango Family

General Overview

The Kiangos are typically 5’4″ to 6’0″ in height with skin tones that range from dark brown to more golden browns. They have dark hair with green and/or amber eyes. They live in a light peach colored manor house due west of Sorath Village and just northwest of Crisliar Manor. 

Lord David Kiango often likes to walk the perimeter of the valley and can sometimes be found visiting the people of Newspring. He does not spend a lot of time in the village of Sorath. Taysia Kiango, Council member and David’s younger sister, spends a good majority of her time in the Estate and the Library.

The Kiango family has a rotating household of servants and other visitors. Anyone who remains with them for any length of time speaks of them with fierce and devoted praise.


Family Members

⁂Non Playable     ❒Available for Application     ✔Claimed/In Play

 Head of Household

Lord David Kiango, age 27

Family Members

Taysia Kiango, age 21, sister, Council Member


❒Carsten, age 26, farmer
❒Cecily, age 24, rancher


❒Blaine Starsdon, age 21


Duties Within The Valley

The Kiango family has sworn upon their honor that there will always be a member of their family to devote unbiased opinion in judgement on crimes committed within the valley. As such, the Veil holds them to their word, and any sentences passed down by the Judge is absolute and unwavering and the people of the valley tend to trust it to be fair. It is rare that a ruling is questioned. The current Judge is Taysia Kiango.


The Particulars

Family Motto:Motto Here

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Kiango family are known to worship Gharilaon. Some, however, are known to give secondary favor to Naavah.


Application for Kiango PC Roles

If you would like to apply to play one of the members of the Kiango family or household, please fill out the form below.