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The Neil Family

General Overview

The Neils are typically 5’5 to 6’2 in height. They have fair skin and medium to light hair with light eyes in tones of blues and greens. The Neil family typically lives in the pale yellow manor house located exactly west of the town of Sorath, though currently the Head of House, Lord Kravitz, resides within The Estate. Lord Kravitz serves on the Council to the Sovereign Mother and is rarely seen at his family home. The younger brother of the family, Christopher Neil, resides in the manor with their servants and the fosterling daughter of the late Tesbon and Sarah Hazeltree. 

While they do not currently participate in agriculture themselves, they do own land within the valley and lease it to others. Their home is often opened to families in need, and servants of the Household frequently have glowing praise for the brothers. 


Family Members

⁂Non Playable     ❒Available for Application     ✔Claimed/In Play

 Head of Household

Lord Kravitz Neil, age 29, Council Member

Family Members

✔Christopher Neil, age 25, brother


Miss Kateri, age 17


❒Jestina Alanei, age 21
❒Tevi Alanei, age 19


Duties Within The Valley

The Neil family is known for providing protection services to any who need them.  Of late, this attention has mostly been focused on the Monarchy, though prior to the gate’s closure, they also routinely sent members of the family and personally trained soldiers out exploration parties or any who wished to seek trade beyond the Valley.

Their family still hosts some of the most well trained members of the Military and Rangers and are often members of the Mother’s Guard themselves.


The Particulars

Family Motto: “Motto Here

Religious Affiliations

Typically, members of the Neil family are known to worship Kyros. Some, however, are known to give secondary favor to Naavah.


Application for Neil PC Roles

If you would like to apply to play one of the members of the Bandele family or household, please fill out the form below.