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Roles & Prompts

Available Roles

These are things that it can always be assumed your PC would know about the world. It is up to you the degree to which the information is known or whether or not your character fully understands the concepts. You can also choose to be oblivious, although some of these items will be fairly hard to avoid knowing.

RP Prompts

Some things are supposed. These are the things that some people believe are true and others believe are complete hogwash. They are rumors that haven’t been substantiated or they have, but the masses keep denying them anyway. You can go either way your heart desires on these.

Farmer Want to grow things to feed the valley? There's usually space for farmers. If there's not a spot available for a new farm to set up immediately, working for The Estate or the Bandele family is always an option.

Shop Helper Every shop in the valley needs helpers. Want to stock groceries? Run errands for the owner? Deliver feed to farmers? Maybe serve drinks at the tavern or take food orders? Do it up.

Crafter Ah, crafts. We have a robust and flexible crafting system including things like clothier, leather working, botany, cooking, baking... Create, then sell or trade your goods to help the Valley's economy grow.

Etc... There's no way we can list every possible playable role here. If you think of something you'd like to try, ask us. The worst that'll happen is we may say it doesn't fit the theme, and then we'll help you figure out another route to take. Good luck! We can't wait to see you in game.


Where do you live? The most common answers to this are: The Bunker or Newspring. The Bunker is located north of Sorath Village and is an underground facility for community living. It is where a vast majority of the valley inhabitants live. Newspring is located at the far southern end of the valley and is where people go when they'd rather stay away from the hustle and bustle of town. It's a poorer area with shacks and tents.

Where was your PC born? Did their parents live in town? Did they own a farm? Where are they now? Death is unfortunately fairly common in the Valley, so it isn't unlikely a PC's entire family could have been taken in any number of ways. They could also be alive and well.