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The Library

Common Knowledge

These are things that it can always be assumed your PC would know about the world. It is up to you the degree to which the information is known or whether or not your character fully understands the concepts. You can also choose to be oblivious, although some of these items will be fairly hard to avoid knowing.

The Mystical & Maybes

Some things are supposed. These are the things that some people believe are true and others believe are complete hogwash. They are rumors that haven’t been substantiated or they have, but the masses keep denying them anyway. You can go either way your heart desires on these.

What is the Veil? The Veil is the magical energy of the world. The exact particulars about how it came to be are not known by the mortals, but as more people begin to study it and try their hand at manipulation of its energies, the more information is shared. Magicians, Witches, anyone who wants to dabble in arcane magics are users of Veil energy.

What was the Long Sleep? The Long Sleep was....

What do I need to know about the Nobility? If you ask a Noble for food, they have to give it to you.


Religions There are three main religions on Veisea. The Order of the Sage is the religion of Gharilaon, the Cult of the Vale is the religion of Naavah, and the League of Ashes is the religion of Kyros. It is common for the citizens of the valley to follow one of the religions, and quite a few subscribe to tenants from two. Followers of the Three (devoutly worshipping all three gods) are rare and typically are only found within the Monarchy.

Death & The Afterlife Opinions on what happens after death vary greatly from religion to religion and even house to house. In general, however, the masses trend toward believing that once a person dies, their energy travels to the place of the gods where, if they've followed their religion's tenants as well as possible, they get to live in harmony with their chosen deity.

Dragons and Sphinxes and Unicorn and... There's stories about how so and so's grandfather swears he saw what he saw and no one can convince him otherwise, but no one's been able to prove anything for quite a long while. So if the more fantastical sorts of beasts are really real, well, only time will tell.