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What You Need To Know

IC Game Information

To Follow, Or Else


Opening Year 251 a.p. - The 251st year in the Age of Progression

On the Throne Sovereign Mother Arryn bintLieth Sora-Bryndis

Atmosphere/Mood Spring has just arrived after The Long Sleep and the people of Sorath are beginning to feel the stirrings of hope. There is movement again, crops are growing, life has returned. The entire Valley is holding its breath, waiting and watching.


Character Ages No PCs on grid will be under the age of 18. NPCs are of all ages.

IC vs. OOC We know you're going to chat with one another. We encourage friendship and engagement with one another. Feel free to do so! Schedule RP scenes, join us on Discord, talk about what fun things you're up to - but keep secrets secret because otherwise, you lose out on a lot of fun. We include people we trust in bigger event setups, and they're really a lot of fun. Crossing the IC/OOC line in an abusive way will result in disciplinary actions being taken.

Manners Yes, this is the internet. No, we aren't the manners police. Yes, you will be polite to us and our players or we will remove you from our space. Hate speech is not allowed. Discrimination against the person behind the PC is not allowed. Be nice. Your PC can be as mean as your PC needs to be, but you as a person need to be a decent human being in our presence.